Mathew Abercrombie is a professional recording engineer/producer in the Atlanta area. He works primarily in conjunction with RexTrax Studios but is also available on a freelance basis.

Mat's primary focus is on various forms of rock music, but his work spans every genre. From gospel to heavy metal, hip-hop to jazz, and everything in-between, Mat has worked with pretty much anything you can throw at him. A musician himself, he got into recording as a kid, primarily to record himself and his friends. He then pursued an education in recording arts, graduating from the renowned Full Sail University in 2003. Since then, Mat has worked at the world famous Doppler Studios in Atlanta as well as Exocet Studios and has enjoyed a long-term relationship with RexTrax Studios, where he serves as primary engineer for most "live-band" projects and as assistant manager under founder Paul Cobb.

As well as conventional studio work, Mat has also done freelance recording and editing for several external clients as well as teaching audio production workshops for the Georgia Perimeter College system.

Recent News


Been working on a lot of small demo and single projects over the summer with a few on-going projects here and there. Also working on getting the clients section of this site working.


Sorry for the lack of updates. Mat has been working hard recording and mixing the new MuckRaker album "Karmageddon", the followup to 2012's "Big Black Bus". We just got the masters back today from Rodney Mills Masterhouse and they sound great!


Next month, Mat and Atlanta metal powerhouse MuckRaker will once again join forces for their second full-length album!


Recording and mixing is all wrapped up on the new EP from thrash-metal band Thirteen Autumn Rituals and everything has been sent off to Rodney Mills for mastering. Keep an eye out for the release soon.


Today Mat starts work with thrash-metal band Thirteen Autumn Rituals on their upcoming 6-song EP.


Sarah Michaud's debut EP "More Than Ordinary" is now available on iTunes!


Sarah Michaud's debut EP is complete! Check out her EP release party on February 6th at Smith's Olde Bar in Atlanta!


Tracking for Sarah Michaud's upcoming debut EP is finnished! Mat will begin mixing later this week, then it's off to Rodney Mills for mastering.

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Mat starts work with new artist Sarah Michaud on her upcoming debut EP!


Mat has released a new original song on SoundCloud: "I'm Alive"


One of the songs from Steve Ryan's album, recorded and mixed at RexTrax by FogSound's Mat Abercrombie has made it onto the Grammy nominations ballot!


Mat got married!


Sorry, we did not keep up with the news for 2012 very well. The years saw albums by acts such as MuckRaker and Steve Ryan, and EP's from bands including Verge Of Bliss and Stereo Noise, plus many other projects. 2012 also marked one of the largest upgrades ever at RexTrax Studios with a brand new Mac Pro and ProTools HDX system.


Final mixes are done on the redone Stone Phoenix tracks. Now it's up to Rodney Mills to master it and the re-released album should be out very soon.


Be sure to check out Sweetwater Live in Duluth on Saturdays. They are once again hosting the Sweetwater Showdown, a tournament style battle of the bands sponsored in part by RexTrax Studios. The tournament takes place each Saturday night through the semi-finals on September 17th. Come out and support your local rock scene!


July has been a super busy month. We've seen the LakeShore Quartet finnish up their album, Scoob Vercetti has been working diligently, and we've had a few new artists such as DOE, Preston, and Chad Subers come through. A few familiar faces have shown up, too. Act Thirt33n are currently finishing up work on their new single "Rabbit", and the boys from Stone Phoenix have been working hard to re-record two songs and add two more tracks ready for the re-release of their self titled album. On top of all that we've got newcomers Barney's Bullet joining the Fog Sound family this week. They'll be starting work on their new hard-rock project.


We've been buying up a storm over at RexTrax Studios. More new purchases include a BBE B-Max bass preamp/DI and a Symetrix 528 microphone preamp. Not the 528E, but the much more coveted original 528 with the discontinued ssm2015 chip.


Congratulations to Stone Phoenix on their album release party last night at Sweetwater Live in Duluth. They played the album all the way through in a great show and even gave away some first-run copies of the album.


Yet another equipment acquisition here at RexTrax!
A Presonus Eureka preamp/channel strip, including a class A preamp with a super clean compressor and a fully parametric EQ. It now proudly sits alongside the Chameleon Labs 7602 and the Focusrite Voicemaster Pro as another "boutique" alternative to the 32 channels on the console.


We got our Focusrite Voicemaster Pro channel strip back from the shop today, where it was getting a much needed tune up. It has been fully cleaned and shouldn't be giving us any problems anymore.


RexTrax welcomes a Shure SM7 to it's microphone collection. Among it's many uses, the SM7 is a standard for broadcast vocal work, used in radio stations everywhere.


We just got a new Digi 96 interface to add to our 96i. That means we have 24 inputs to ProTools and 10 outs! We can now track more channels at a time, break out stem mixes back to the console, and use outboard gear in our mixes instead of staying completely "in-the-box".


Harvey Scales at RexTrax!
That's right, the legendary Harvey Scales makes his return to RexTrax Studios with Sha King. The two were here this morning shooting the video for Sha King's song "I Wanna Live" which features Mr. Scales and was recorded right here at RexTrax with Paul Cobb. If you aren't familiar with Harvey Scales, check him out!